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Doctors' Stories

"Existing scientific evidence demonstrates potential medical benefits of newborn males; however, these data are not sufficient to recommend routine neonatal circumcision."

Video of Most Recent American Academy of Pediatrics Statement on Circumcision.

"The AAP over the years has had a policy that's ranged from wishy-washy to leaning a little one way or the other. Their very carefully-worded latest position on this... it's reasonable. And the reason I'm hesitating [is] if they really believed what they said, then they should say, 'Don't do this'." --Dr. Dean Edell.

Official Recommendations from National Medical Organizations:

Various Quotes by Doctors On Circumcision:

Nic Aulmann, BA, BNursing, AssocDipMgt Chris Fletcher, M.D. Louise Gordon, M.D.
Bob Holmes, MB, BS, LMSSA, FRCSC Daniel Skomp, RN, CPN Morris Sorrells, M.D.
Stephen E. Starr, M.D. Judith Taylor, M.D. Dennis Vik, Ph.D. James Mitchell, M.D.

The following quotes are from the film ,

put together by Nurses For the Rights of the Child.

Gerzain Chavez, M.D. Chris Fletcher, M.D. Carl Friedrichs, III, M.D. Bruce Gollub, M.D.
Caroline Kingston, M.D., MPH. Richard Lieberman, M.D. Leonora Lopez, M.D. Alan Rogers, M.D. James Mitchell, M.D.